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Master the Art of Impactful Presentations

Are you a professional or business owner who wants to master the art of delivering compelling presentations that captivate your audience and drive results? Perhaps, like many, you struggle with nervousness, lack of confidence, or difficulty organizing your thoughts. You may even get sweaty palms and heart palpitations  just thinking about having to speak in public or do a business presentation (It’s called glossophobia by the way). This can really hinder your ability to deliver impactful presentations that resonate with your audience. 

That’s where we come in. Our team of experienced public speaking and presentation skills trainers will be your guide on the path to becoming a confident and persuasive presenter.

We offer a range of comprehensive training programs designed to develop your presentation skills from start to finish. From crafting engaging content to perfecting your delivery and using visual aids effectively, we’ll equip you with the tools and techniques needed to deliver memorable presentations that inspire action.

Ready to take your presentation skills to the next level? Enquire about one of our training programs today and start transforming your presentations into powerful tools that drive success.

Public Speaking Skills

Our award winning trainers are well qualified to help you overcome your anxiety about speaking in public.

Presentation Skills

Learn the science and art of pitching and presenting with the GoTime "SHIFT" model and achieve the results you want.

Presentation Design

"Death-by-PowerPoint" must fall. We'll help you create presentations that tell a compelling story.

"I don't know how to thank you enough. Your advice was an absolute game changer"

Verity Price - World Champion of Public Speaking 2021
Image: Verity Price, World Champion of Public Speaking

Do you want to nail your next pitch, rock your next presentation, command an audience with authority and conviction?

The GoTime team can show you how.

Why You Should Work With Us

When you select GoTime as your public speaking and presentation partner, you benefit from more than just a great slide design service and public speaking coach. You’ll have instant access to a presentation partner that understands business, presentation skills and presentation design – it’s a pretty unique combination. 

To serve you better, we have assembled a professional team of public speaking and presentation specialists, each of whom has specialised training and extensive experience in sales & marketing, neurolinguistics, coaching, public speaking, graphic design, and more. 

GoTime is not just about pretty pictures and smooth talking (this ain’t no dog and pony show). When we combine the science of  persuasive language and the art of business stories, with an understanding of your business – magic happens. That’s why you should work with us. 

We love stories.

Story-selling gives your brand context. It tells a narrative of how your product fits into the fabric of your consumer's lives.

We listen.

That's how we we get to know you, to understand you, your stories, your business and your presentation needs.

We have fun.

We believe that happy people are more inspired, more creative, more productive and easier to work with.

Do you have an important speech or presentation coming up?

We're here to help.

“The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send, but by what the listener receives.” ~ Lilly Walters