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The primary objective of a  presentation is to move your audience to take some kind of action.

It could be to buy a product or service or simply to know more about a particular subject and see it differently. It helps to think of your presentation as it as means of creating a SHIFT in thinking or behaviour. 

With this in mind the GoTime team developed a proprietary model that you can use to guide you through the preparation and delivery of your next presentation – we call it the “SHIFT” Presentation Model 

The "SHIFT" Presentation Model

What will your audience SEE?

Here we focus on the visual elements of your presentation .

What will your audience HEAR?

The focus here is on the auditory elements of your presentation.


This is where we introduce the art of story telling

What will your audience FEEL?

The emphasis here is the "connection" or "emotive" elements of your presentation.

What is the TAKE-AWAY?

A vital, often overlooked, component of a presentation is the "call to action".

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